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                              Centre Scottish Woodland Skills
                                          Centre charcoal making at the Scottish
                              Woodland Skills Centre
The Scottish Woodland Skills Centre has an idyllic setting a few miles north of Alyth, Perthshire.

PLEASE DO NOT USE SAT NAV TO FIND US  - It does not work for our postcode/location!

TWoodcarvero find us, when entering Alyth from the south, continue past the town square on your right and follow the road without turning off, past the old sawmill on your left, past the church on your right and north/west out of the town, passing the Den of Alyth on your left.

Continue on this road for a further 2.5 miles,  ignoring the turn off to Tullyfergus. You will see our 'wood carver' sign at the Glen Isla junction. Follow this and continue on the same road to the left up the hill past the Lodge and you will see the 'TREE CYCLE' carved wooden sign at our entrance on the road side 200m after  you pass the Bridge of Cally road on your left.

Thinking of visiting the area for a few days?

Why not combine an activity at the Scottish Woodland Skills Centre with a wildlife walk, a kayak with dolphins in the Tay estuary, or mountain biking on Alyth Hill. This area of Scotland has lots of great activities on offer, some beautiful scenery and great places to stay.

Places to visit:
  • Bamff beaver ponds
  • Alyth Community woodland
  • Peel farm coffee and farm shop link
Places to stay:
  • FREE basic camping and campervan parking on site whilst participating in woodland activities
  • Pods, yurts, shepard huts, tents and lamas: Ecocamp Glenshee
  • Self catering and glamping at Bamff (just next door to us) 
  • B&B at the Losset Inn, Alyth
  • Self catering for 4 persons at The Loft at the Bonnington (2km from Blairgowrie 01250874749)

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Community treeCycleThe Scottish Woodland Skills Centre is part of Community treeCycle Community Interest Company, Registered SC396287. Community treeCycle is a social enterprise that works with young unemployed to offer a local professional tree, garden and woodland management service to the general public. We also offer volunteering opportunities for locals, community groups and businesses.